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Automotive Wiring Tips – Auto Scout

Automotive Wiring Tips – Using Relays

sound equipment

sound equipment sound equipment Mixer 4 canals circuit using IC CA3048 sound equipment R1 500 k Ω      C1 0.47 µF      U1 CA3048 R2 820 Ω         C2 50 µF         U2 CA3048 R3 100 Ω         C3 0.008 µF    U3 CA3048 R4 8.2 k Ω       C4 0.008 µF    U4 CA3048 […]

Bass power amp

Bass power amp using MJL4281, BD139, BC559

dj audio equipment

dj audio equipment dj audio equipment circuit diagram Main Mixer Amplifier Module circuit diagram dj audio equipment Parts: P1,P2 100K P3 470K R1,R2,R3 12K 1/4W R4,R5 3K9 1/4W R6,R7 1K8 1/4W R8,R9 22K 1/4W R10 560R 1/4W R11 100K 1/4W R12 220R 1/4W C1 1uF 63V C2 47nF 63V C3,C5 4n7 63V C4 22nF 63V […]

InPowered Battery Testers circuit

Auto Car Battery Testers circuit using LM3914

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