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BTL STEREO TO MONO circuit, DRIVER bridge a stereo power amp to mono USING C828 the BTL power amplifier system is: “Two power amplifier units connected by bridge joints can form a larger power amplifier. The amplifier system is in English called Budge Transformer Less BTL. This amplifier system can amplify the amplifier noise by […]

Electronic circuit diagram Low distortion audio amplifier Using LA4101

Electronic circuit diagram Low distortion audio amplifier Using LA4101

Wireless power transmission project kit

wireless power tranfer system Wireless Power Transfer   Wireless Power Transfer Kit Trying electricity network without wires , finally succeeded , if developed can be useful , Because The electrical appliance in the house will not be put on the cable . Recipients use ferrite / wire coiled email . This radiation is Relatively harmless […]

Stepper remote control car

Stepper motor control circuit Stepper motor control circuit diagram using TLE5206 for remote control car Principle of control on the remote control car is able to rotate left and right, this series is more stable with its ability

Electronics Circuit Programmable LED light

Electronics Circuit Programmable LED light circuit diagram flashing LED that, after a preset number of flashes will illuminate steadily until P1 Reset Parts: R1______________10K 1/4W R2_______________1M 1/4W R3_______________1K 1/4W C1_______________4µ7 25V C2______________10nF 63V D1___________1N4148 75V 150mA D2______________LED IC1____________4060 B1______________3V to 15V Battery

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