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BTL STEREO TO MONO circuit, DRIVER bridge a stereo power amp to mono USING C828 the BTL power amplifier system is: “Two power amplifier units connected by bridge joints can form a larger power amplifier. The amplifier system is in English called Budge Transformer Less BTL. This amplifier system can amplify the amplifier noise by […]


WALKYE TALKIE Kristal circuit by ronica using 9014, 19013, 19011

Simple Spring Reverb circuit

Simple Spring Reverb circuit using NE5532

home alarm systems

home alarm systems home alarm systems using CCTV Camera Auto Electronic Shutter Control Auto Switch CCTV Camera Auto Electronic Control Auto Switch circuit diagram CCTV switch circuits using 555, 74HC14, 4017, 2N2222 home alarm systems cameras installed at different locations in the city have been dismounted following the home and looking for CCTV camera and […]

High Quality 150W Power Amplifier circuit

High Quality 150W Power Amplifier circuit using 2N3055, 2N2219, 2N3250 only with power supply – and + Short circuit protection, 94dB supply rejection ratio, thermal protection, S/N ratio in excess of 100dB, Open loop gain typically 90dB and 10A quiescent current, 2N3055, 2N2219, 2N3250 is great enough to give you good audio performmance. This power […]

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