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Lamp scr schematic

Lamp scr Lamp circuit using BS250, BS170

3000W Inverter

3000W Inverter Parts list: R1=10Mohms R2=100ohms R3=1.2Kohms R4=560Kohms R5-6=2.2Kohms R7-8=56 ohms 5W CX=22pF trimmed capacitor C1-2=22pF ceramic C3=8.2nF 100V MKT c4=10uF 16V C5=47uF 16V C6=470nF 400V D1=5V6 0.4W D2-3=47V 1W Q1-2=BS170 Q3-4=BD139 Q5-6=BD249 IC1=4060 IC2=4013 IC3=4047 CR1=3.2768 MHZ crystal T1=220Vac/2X10V 2X2.2A F1=5A Fuse F2=0.25A Fuse L1=1H smoothing choke 1. Advanced Energy Flow Management for lowest […]

qsc power amplifiers TDA2616 Circuit diagram

Circuit diagram TDA2616

Inverter amplifier schematic LC50

Inverter amplifier schematic LC50

Satellite TV Receivers

Satellite TV Receivers Circuit 2.7GHz Frequency Synthesizer For Satellite TV Using TD7626F and TD7626FN Satellite TV circuit Using TD7626F and TD7626FN

STK4191II Audio Schematics

STK4191II Audio Schematics STK4191II Audio Schematics This design is based on the 2 x 50Watt Audio Schematics, and was developed mainly to satisfy the requests of correspondents unable to locate the STK4191II STK4191II Audio Schematics STK4191II Audio Schematics

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