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Bootstrap AUDIO circuit using transistor

Bootstrap AUDIO circuit AND LAYOUT Bootstrap driver Micro circuit using TIP3055 tip2955 TIP42 tip41 MJE340 What is bootstrapping circuit? Within an integrated circuit a bootstrap method is used to allow internal address and clock distribution lines to have an increased voltage swing. Tops bootstrap circuit uses a coupling capacitor, formed from the gate/source capacitance of […]

Archive and Data sheets MAX2645 Semiconductors

MAX2645 Electronic Circuits – Data sheets MAX2645 Semiconductors data sheet 3.4GHz 3.8GHz LOW Noise Amplifier

MAX2264/MAX2265/MAX2266 power amplifiers are designed for operation in IS-98-based CDMA

The MAX2264/MAX2265/MAX2266 power amplifiers are designed for operation in IS-98-based CDMA, IS-136-based TDMA, and PDC cellular telephones operating in the 900MHz range. When matched for CDMA operation and biased with margin over the adjacent and alternate channel specification (-45dBc/-56dBc), the amplifiers achieve 28dBm output power with 37% efficiency (MAX2265). At +16dBm output-a very common power […]

How to Make Radio-guided Radio Circuit Schematics

How to make radio-guided Radio Circuit Schematics radio is one of the entertainment as the radio has a value of information and entertainment.  but how do we make it? was very simple answer, here is a guide to Circuit Schematics Radio. The first requirement is the hardware that receives the radio transmission. We have chosen […]

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