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BTL STEREO TO MONO circuit, DRIVER bridge a stereo power amp to mono USING C828 the BTL power amplifier system is: “Two power amplifier units connected by bridge joints can form a larger power amplifier. The amplifier system is in English called Budge Transformer Less BTL. This amplifier system can amplify the amplifier noise by […]

Digital Tester circuit

Digital Tester circuit with LM324

Continuity Tester Circuit Diagram

Continuity Tester Circuit Diagram using 2N3905, 2N3904, 1N4148

Touch Switch Circuit

Touch Switch with Active Remote Circuit using PN2907, 2N2222, 74C14

Digital tuning Circuit for fm satelit

Digital tuning Circuit for fm satelit using U2514B U2514B AM / FM Receiver Digital Tuning with Stereo Decoder

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