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Amplifier AutoScout24 Power ON

Amplifier Auto Power ON Signal detecting auto power-on unit, audio signal controlled relay switch module, amplifier auto power on, audio sensing power switch, audio detector switch, audio signal detector circuit, line level audio detection circuit, audio triggered power switch part : BC547 , BC557, LM358, Relay

Lcd TV Power Supply Circuit Diagram

Lcd TV Power Supply Circuit Diagram

Phone Line Controller circuit

Phone Line Controller circuit using CM8870, PIC16F84A, 4N35, BC547, 7805

Quality Inverter-Chargers

Quality Inverter-Chargers Quality Inverter-Chargers using 2N2222, 74AUC1G14DBVR High Quality Inverter-Chargers High amp charger circuit diagram Inverter charger circuit diagram using 2N2222, 74AUC1G14DBVR

FM wireless microphone for the President’s speech

FM wireless microphone is very simple to build and has a useful transmission range (more than 300 meters in open air). Although a small component count and 3V operating voltage it will easily penetrate more than three floors of an apartment building. This may be found anywhere in the FM band (87-108MHz) and transmission can […]

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