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InPowered battery charger circuit

InPowered battery charger circuit diagram schematic 6V-12V using NE555, LM7812, 2SA671, 1N4002, BC549 auto battery charger circuit On a lithium-ion cell, 3.8V/cell indicates a state-of-charge of about 50%. It must be noted that utilizing voltage as a fuel gauge function is inaccurate because cells made by different manufacturers produce a slightly different voltage profile. This […]

audio amplifiers circuit

audio amplifiers circuit Audio Amplifiers Audio Amplifiers circuit using STK084G audio amplifiers circuit audio amplifiers circuit

Ultrasonic Equipment

Ultrasonic Equipment circuit using IC CA3140, NE555

Power Inverter circuit

25W Power Inverter

+5V 10A Regulator circuit

+5V 10A Regulator circuit using 7805 IC

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