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Fan Timer Circuit

Fan Timer Circuit using 7555, 1N4148, 1N4004, BC109C

10.000 watt wind turbine

10.000 watt wind turbine Product Features: High Availability: Constantly produces power from 5.6mph up to more than 95 mph Performance: Highly efficient aerodynamic blades and system design guarantee superior performance. Hybrid system: The charge controller can incorporate 10.000 watt wind and 250W solar power together to simultaneously charge the same bank of batteries Load control: […]

Need a VHF/UHF TV signal amplifier schematics diagram? should have a high gain with low noise?

Nish asked: some websites give details with out the schematic digram or ask money for the diagram. (eg. www.ramseyelectronics.com give full details other than the schematic diagram, which is a must when building a circuit as a beginner)

Digital volume control circuit

Digital volume control circuit DUAL ELECTRONIC VOLUME CONTROL The KA2250 is a CMOS designed for electronization of dual volumes. It is suitable for M/C, car stereos. FEATURES Wide supply voltage range: Vdd=6V~12V (Backup is possible up to 4V) Attenuation can be controlled from 0dB to -66dB by 2dB/step. Controlling attenuation by means of the built […]

Noise sensor circuit for light switch

Noise sensor circuit for light switch using HEP801, HEP50 Parts : R1 1.5 MΩ      C1 100 µF       D1 1N4007 R3 3.9 kΩ        C2 1 µF           Q1 HEP801 R4 150 kΩ       C3 10 µF         Q2 HEP50 R5 18 kΩ         C4 10 µF R6 560 Ω         C5 1 µF […]

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