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15W Audio Amplifier Circuit

Audio Amplifier Circuit 15 Watts Class B Images for 15W Audio Amplifier Circuit 15W audio Amplifier (using 3 transistors) Small class b audio amplifier circuit diagram 15W Stereo Class-D Audio Power Amplifier Can Run From +15 V LCD Backlight Supply speakers in a single-ended configuration or a mono. 15W Audio Amplifier Circuit using TR TIP31, […]


NOISE REDUCTION PROCESSOR DOLBY NOISE REDUCTION PROCESSOR circuit using KA22712 DOLBY B-TYPE NOISE REDUCTION PROCESSOR The KA22712 is a monolithic integrated circuit designed for in Dolby* B-type noise reduction systems. FEATURES Few external components. Low quiescent circuit current (Typ Iccq=4.5mA) High crosstalk rejection ratio. Built in NR-switch, REC/PB-switch. Recommended supply voltage: Vcc=6.5V~16V. DOLBY  NOISE REDUCTION […]

20 w Amplifier stereo circuit

20 w Amplifier stereo circuit using TDA 2004 Amplifier stereo circuit using TDA 2004 R1 120K Ohms R2, R4 1K Ohms R3, R5 3.3 Ohms R6, R7 1 Ohms C1, C2 2.2µF C3 10µF C4, C6 100µF C5, C7 100µF C8, C9 0.1µF C10, C11 1000µF TO 2200µF CI TDA2004A it is a circuit integrated […]

8800 phone

Nokia 8800 phone radio module / circuit using TEA5761UK Nokia 8800 phone radio module / circuit using TEA5761UK

Digital Control

Digital Control Circuit for Switching using 4001B, 4N35 The continuous controller enclosed in the dashed square can be replaced by a digital controller shown below that performs same control task as the continuous controller. The basic difference between these controllers is that the digital system operates on discrete signals or samples of the sensed signal […]

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