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Stereo Power Amplifier

68W Power Amplifier schematic   68W Stereo Power Amplifier using TR A673, C828, C1213, D438, B560, TIP31 and TIP32

Mosfet manufacturers circuit

Mosfet manufacturers circuit using IRF350, KD367B, TIP141

Digital Control

Digital Control Circuit for Switching using 4001B, 4N35 The continuous controller enclosed in the dashed square can be replaced by a digital controller shown below that performs same control task as the continuous controller. The basic difference between these controllers is that the digital system operates on discrete signals or samples of the sensed signal […]

Control input lines On off Switching circuit diagram

Control input lines On off Switching circuit diagram using 4011, 4518, 4066, BAT42, VNB8AF

Hi-Fi Phono Preamp circuit

Hi-Fi Phono Preamp circuit using TL072

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