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15W Audio Amplifier Circuit

Audio Amplifier Circuit 15 Watts Class B Images for 15W Audio Amplifier Circuit 15W audio Amplifier (using 3 transistors) Small class b audio amplifier circuit diagram 15W Stereo Class-D Audio Power Amplifier Can Run From +15 V LCD Backlight Supply speakers in a single-ended configuration or a mono. 15W Audio Amplifier Circuit using TR TIP31, […]

Touch switch circuit for PC board

Touch switch circuit for PC board using B5584ZX, B55138ZX, 74HC14

Making USB using RS232 converter

Making USB using RS232 converter works really well with all the devices I tried. USB to RS232 converter can also use FT8U232AM and Maxim-IC MAX235 If no FT8U232AM, could also use TTL level RS232 signals. The FT8U232AM and supporting components are also available as a complete module – called USBMOD1 – in 32pin DIL IC […]

Does Explorer 16 Starter Kit?

Does Explorer 16 Starter Kit? The Explorer 16 Starter Kit is a complete set of tools for application development using Microchip’s PIC24F, PIC24H, and dsPIC33 16-bit microcontrollers. The kit includes a MPLAB® ICD 2 In Circuit Debugger, an Explorer 16 Development Board, a 9V universal power supply that can be used for either the Explorer […]

Need a VHF/UHF TV signal amplifier schematics diagram? should have a high gain with low noise?

Nish asked: some websites give details with out the schematic digram or ask money for the diagram. (eg. www.ramseyelectronics.com give full details other than the schematic diagram, which is a must when building a circuit as a beginner)

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