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Tone Control Module circuit diagram using IC1 TL061 – Low current BIFET Op-Amp

Main Mixer Amplifier Module circuit diagram and Tone Control Module circuit diagram using IC1 TL061 Low current BIFET Op-Amp Parts: P1,P2 100K P3 470K R1,R2,R3 12K 1/4W R4,R5 3K9 1/4W R6,R7 1K8 1/4W R8,R9 22K 1/4W R10 560R 1/4W R11 100K 1/4W R12 220R 1/4W C1 1uF 63V C2 47nF 63V C3,C5 4n7 63V C4 […]

Circuit control temperature fan ceiling

P1_____________22K R1_____________15K R2____________100K R3,R6__________10K R4,R5__________22K R7____________100R R8____________470R R9_____________33K C1_____________10nF D1________BZX79C18 D2_________TIC106D D3-D6_______1N4007 Q1,Q2________BC327 Q3___________BC337 SK1__________Female Mains socket PL1__________Male Mains plug & cable R3-R4 and P1-R1 are wired as a Wheatstone bridge in which R3-R4 generate a fixed two-thirds-supply “reference” voltage, P1-R1 generate a temperature-sensitive “variable” voltage, and Q1 is used as a bridge balance detector. […]

Circuit Audio using TA72222AP

Making Wireless FM microphone

Making Wireless FM microphone as a beginner project is interesting, crystal oscillator can be controlled, with a harmonic change to 2p7-5 crystals. The oscillator will then be very stable, so stable in fact, that he could not even set! This means you can only use it to send CW .One solution to this problem would […]

Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar Electric Guitar circuit board using bass, mid, treble

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