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40 – 0 – 40 5A transformer Circuit diagram

40 – 0 – 40 5A transformer Circuit diagram The power supply should be capable of supplying the maximum current required with good stabilization. I used commercially available 40 – 0 – 40 5A transformer. The transformer have 6V, 9V, 12V and 22V windings also. The transformer cost me around Rs: 370. Power supply provides […]

How much does an electronics design engineer make in Demark?

VLSI Engineer asked: Specifically I’d like to know if someone has a link to the salary statistics. And more specifically I’d like to know how much you think is the average pay for a VLSI engineer in Denmark with 10 years experience? Is ~50K (DKK) a good monthly salary or not?

60W Guitar Amplifier circuit diagram using MJ11015 MJ11016

60W Guitar Amplifier circuit diagram using MJ11015 MJ11016 Amplifier parts: R1 6K8 1W R2,R4 470R 1/4W R3 2K 1/2W Trimmer Cermet R5,R6 4K7 1/2W R7 220R 1/2W R8 2K2 1/2W R9 50K 1/2W Trimmer Cermet R10 68K 1/4W R11,R12 R47 4W C1,C2,C4,C5 47µF 63V C3 100µF 25V C6 33pF 63V C7 1000µF 50V C8 2200µF […]

Making VCO for MF-HF-VHF

It is a simple Colpits oscillator, but it has a 78L05 5v regulator (not shown) as the supply feed. The 22K and 33K resistors bias TR1 emitter to about 3v DC, which means that TR1 emitter can feed the CD4040 counter input directly when the synth is fed from a 10 volt supply. This is […]

Schematic of LCD Oscilloscope

Schematic of LCD Oscilloscope

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