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mixer audio circuit

mixer audio circuit 4 Chanel Audio Mixer circuit mixer audio circuit mixer audio circuit using TL084 74HC4052 LM31B 74HC000 74HC73-2 LM6361N 1N4148

4 Channel Audio Mixer circuit

4 Channel Audio Mixer circuit using TL084, 74HC4052, LM31B, 74HC000, 74HC73-2, LM6361N, 1N4148

Circuir diagram 1.3 GHz Transverter – DB9LN / DB6NT

+5V 10A Regulator circuit

+5V 10A Regulator circuit using 7805 IC

How can i get Printed Circuit Board Design Standards?.While i am designing pcb layouts?

Rudra asked: This is regarding Electronics R&D Circuits. It’s must and should to follow some “IPC” standards those are designing circuits.I want that “IPC” standards freely. Anybody having that standards feel free forward it to my email id.

Geophone Detector Circuit

Geophone Detector Circuit using LMC6462

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