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5V Power supply control

5V Power supply control using 74HCT688 5V Power supply control Circuit diagram Our control products offer our customers choices to meet their specific cost, Supply Current mA Typical 12V and 5V Power Supply

Transformerless power supply design. Part : 2

Transformerless power supply design Transformerless power supply design 5V Transformerless power supply design using 7805 Transformerless power supply design This circuit is a small +5V power supply. … and variable power supply circuit of 12 volts using IC 7805 and not any operational amplifier. Transformerless power supply design

quality power

quality power quality power using KA2209 quality power quality power

Printed Circuit Board Design and Method

An apparatus and method for providing a vented blind via in pad of a printed circuit board (PCB). A vent in the blind via in pad to allow gases formed during reflow soldering to escape from the solder joint. In one embodiment, the vent extends from the outer edge of the pad to the blind […]

Stereo Audio Amplifiers

Stereo Audio Amplifiers circuit using stk439 Stereo Audio Amplifiers circuit using stk439 Stereo Audio Amplifiers R 1 ……….. 2 K 2 R 2,4 ……… 220 K R 3 ……….. 390 K R 5 ……….. 100 R 6 ……….. 120 R 7 ……….. 12 K R 8 ……….. 10 C 1 ……….. 470 pF C 2 […]

How to connect pc to tv

Guide connect pc to tv Guide to connect PC to TV via Scart socket. In particular, for use with the arcade game emulator Advance Mame There is not much difference between TV and the arcade monitor. TV can be considered as an arcade monitor + TV tuner + audio amplifier in a plastic box. To […]

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