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InPowered battery charger circuit

InPowered battery charger circuit diagram schematic 6V-12V using NE555, LM7812, 2SA671, 1N4002, BC549 auto battery charger circuit On a lithium-ion cell, 3.8V/cell indicates a state-of-charge of about 50%. It must be noted that utilizing voltage as a fuel gauge function is inaccurate because cells made by different manufacturers produce a slightly different voltage profile. This […]

Electronic circuit to fill the IC EEPROM MEMORY

Electronic circuit to fill the IC EEPROM MEMORY Based on its memory capacity is usually written with a number 24CXX, For XX is its capacity in Kbit. Example: 24C08 means its capacity 8 kilobits. In many stores that sell the number 24C01, 24C02, 24C04, 24C08, 24C16, 24c32 which sold in its data store is empty. […]

home theater amplifier

home theater amplifier circuit using TL074, BD139, BD246, BD140, BD245

Video Signal Amplifier circuit diagram

Video Signal Amplifier circuit diagram This electronic circuit is a video signal amplifier that offers a broad band amplifier with a bandwidth of 5 MHz which will take the video signals from your VCR and will amplify them sufficiently to drive up to 3 monitors, TV sets (provided that they can accept direct video signals), […]

Timer Astable circuit

Timer Astable circuit using PIC12F629

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