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Preamps Microphone Mixer circuit

Preamps Microphone Mixer circuit Choosing a good power amplifier is very easy but to choose the perfect microphone preamps is not easy, because the adjustment of sound pressure level (SPL) with volt level (dBu). Matching microphones and preamplifiers requires proper research and measurement, so to do this does not depend on your budget – but […]


3V FM IF AM TUNER SYSTEM using KA2248 3V FM IF AM TUNER SYSTEM The KA2248 is a monolithic integrated circuit developed the for headphone stereo. FUNCTIONS AM SECTION: Converter, IF amplifier, Detector, Tuning indicator FM SECTION:  IF amplfier, Quadrature detector, Tuning indicator FEATURES Low quiescent current: AM: Iccq= 3mA, Vcc= 3V FM: Iccq= 8mA, […]

Power Supply Television

Power Supply Television Switching Power Supply Circuit for Television using 7805, 7808, KA431A, SC2236, 1N4002, KTA1023, 1N4148, 2SC2335Y, 2SA1015Y, 2SC1815Y

Resolve a cramped raster on SONY TV KV21GPX?

Ouman asked: I have replaced the vertical deflection IC and checked all possible capacitors and resistors. Still no luck. No circuit diagram. American origin. Thanks Pete. I do remove caps and test with proper cap tester. Will follow your advice. Middle to top cramp with bit of a foldover on top. Frustrating! I keep grinding […]

Oscillator Circuit using 555

Oscillator Circuit using 555

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