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Schema and layout Best power amplifier 2SA1943, 2SC500, C945, TIP42C, TIP41C

Schema and layout Best power amplifier for live sound Power amplifier sound system, sound barrier power amplifier, Best powered subwoofer car, best power amplifier for home theater, best powered Subwoofer, infinity powered subwoofer – Transistor final 4 set Part : 2SA1943, 2SC500, C945, TIP42C, TIP41C, Transformator 2A, 5A, 10A, 20A, 30A, 40A, 60A – 100A […]

Circuit Audio using TDA2005

Circuit Audio using TDA2005

DC Voltage Regulate circuit BD242

DC Voltage Regulate circuit 12V 9V 5v 3v 13v 16v 20v 24v 30v using BD242

Circuit electronics Carrier Oscillator

Carrier oscillator is a crystal controlled oscillator using two numbers of BC548. The circuit does not use any coils or turned circuits. First BC548 is used as oscillator second BC548 is used as buffer. The carrier oscillator frequency is offset by 1.5 KHz above ladder filter (IF) frequency. The carrier oscillator frequency can be varied […]


5 DOT LED LINEAR LEVEL METER DRIVER circuit using KA2284 5 DOT LED LINEAR LEVEL METER DRIVER circuit using KA2284 The KA2284 are a monolithic integrated circuit disigned for 5-dot LED level meter drives with a built-in rectifying a amplifier, it is suitable for AC/DC level meters such as VU meters or signal meters. FEATURES […]

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