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Posts tagged 240V AC to 5V DC

Transformerless Power Supply circuit diagram

Transformerless Power Supply circuit diagram 240VAC to 5V DC Power Supply using 7805 18V 1A Power Supply using LM350T, LM7818 2 Way To Build A Negative Bias Supply +5v Power Supply using 7805, LP3872ES Variable Dual Lab Power Supply 2 This low noise audio power supply circuit can reduces noise and ripple voltage by 40dB […]

Project for 20 or 40 watt fluorescent tubes – Inverter

This is a low-cost project for 20 or 40 watt fluorescent tubes, However the most efficient is to use a 40 watt tube or two 20 watt tubes in series. It is a circuit you can put together from junk box components or build from a kit. It is very simple to build and requires […]

Make Battery Charger circuit

Make Battery Charger circuit diagram using ADM66A

Electronic Dice Software

IP Electronic Dice is a personal Electronic Dice for windows. Play games using electronic dice. Ideal for any kind of board game or even Dungeons and Dragons.

Quality Inverter-Chargers

Quality Inverter-Chargers Quality Inverter-Chargers using 2N2222, 74AUC1G14DBVR High Quality Inverter-Chargers High amp charger circuit diagram Inverter charger circuit diagram using 2N2222, 74AUC1G14DBVR

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