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Photocell light Switch

Photocell light Switch Wiring Diagram Photocell Light Sensor Photoelectric Switch 220V using Relay and LDR Maximum Wattage – 1000 Watt Voltage – 110 – 220V Maximum Amps – 5A LDR Relay 220v photocell light fixtures, solar cell light, solar panel light, solar energy light, solar power light, photocell light switch, photocell light sensor, how does […]

Filter for Headphone AMP schema

3KHz Low Pass Filter for Headphone AMP schema using LM368, MF6-50 Headphone Amplifier Schematic I built a portable headphone amplifier for testing purposes. Each channel uses a single Burr-Brown LM368, MF6-50 opamp in inverting configuration. It has adequate current capability to drive most headphones without an output stage. I have used it with Sennheiser 465s […]


NE5534 NE5534 fot High Quality Audio Mixer CIRCUIT

Circuit diagram for DVD servo control

Circuit diagram for DVD servo control

STK4141 stereo power amplifier

STK4141 stereo power amplifier circuit based on single IC 2 x 30W Stereo Power Amplifier with STK4141

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