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Posts tagged 200 Watt STEREO AMPLIFIER POWER Stage

2 x 200 Watt STEREO AMPLIFIER POWER Circuit Diagram

2 x 200 Watt STEREO AMPLIFIER POWER Circuit Diagram 2 x 200 Watt STEREO AMPLIFIER POWER Stage The TR is a high performance, integrated stereo digital amplifier power stage with an improved protection system. The TR is capable of driving a 6-?bridge-tied load (BTL) at up to 200 W per channel at THD=10%, low integrated […]

Making Wireless FM microphone

Making Wireless FM microphone as a beginner project is interesting, crystal oscillator can be controlled, with a harmonic change to 2p7-5 crystals. The oscillator will then be very stable, so stable in fact, that he could not even set! This means you can only use it to send CW .One solution to this problem would […]

bass treble mid-range

Bass treble mid range audio circuit without power supply

Touch switch circuit diagram

ON OFF Touch switch circuit diagram using CD4027 This circuit not only indicates the amount of water present in the overhead tank but also gives an alarm when the tank is full. The circuit uses the widely available CD4027, bilateral switch CMOS IC to indicate the water level through LEDs. When the water is empty […]

What device is used to check capacitors in electronic circuits?

anuraganimax asked: How can I check whether or not a capacitor is faulty?

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