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RF preamp Circuits

RF preamp Circuits using CD4007. RF Preamp properly tune CD4007 Audio Preamplifier Circuits and Design Guidelines for Bipolar

20W 18V Audio Amplifier Circuit using uPC1230H

20W 18 V Audio Amplifier Circuit using uPC1230H

7805 schema

7805 schema 7805 schema for 5v using IC 7805 MA 7805 7805 schema 7805 schema

MC3403 datasheet, Pinout, application circuits

MC3403 datasheet, Pinout, application circuits Quad Low Power Operational Amplifiers using MC3403 The MC3403 is a low cost, quad operational amplifier with true differential inputs. The device has electrical characteristics similar to the popular MC1741C. However, the MC3403 has several distinct advantages over standard operational amplifier types in single supply applications. The quad amplifier can […]

Electronic Circuit Design

Electronic Circuit Design with CD4093 All circuitry is intended for fun activities Electronic Circuit Design, and can be installed at home, battery-powered cars and motorcycles, but also on the page.

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