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InPowered battery charger circuit

InPowered battery charger circuit diagram schematic 6V-12V using NE555, LM7812, 2SA671, 1N4002, BC549 auto battery charger circuit On a lithium-ion cell, 3.8V/cell indicates a state-of-charge of about 50%. It must be noted that utilizing voltage as a fuel gauge function is inaccurate because cells made by different manufacturers produce a slightly different voltage profile. This […]

Power Supply Television

Power Supply Television Switching Power Supply Circuit for Television using 7805, 7808, KA431A, SC2236, 1N4002, KTA1023, 1N4148, 2SC2335Y, 2SA1015Y, 2SC1815Y

500W Car Power Amplifier Circuit

500W Car Power Amplifier Circuit using 1N4148, 2N4401, TIP31, TIP3055, 1N4002, TIP2955, TIP32, BD139, TL072

MAX2232, MAX2233 900MHz ISM-Band, 250mW Power Amplifiers with Analog or Digital Gain Control

MAX2232, MAX2233 900MHz ISM-Band, 250mW Power Amplifiers with Analog or Digital Gain Control, MAX2232  MAX2233 low-voltage, silicon RF power amplifiers (PAs) are designed for use in the 900MHz ISM band. They operate from a single +2.7V to +5.5V supply, allowing them to be powered directly from a 3-cell NiCd or a 1-cell Lithium-Ion battery. The […]

Incubator Timer Circuit

Incubator Timer Circuit The circuit of the proposed incubator egg timer using LM741 This Egg Timer is quick, easy to use

Pelican GBA TV tuner?

judah_ram asked: i want to know where can i get a circuit diagram of this gadget, what is the name and number of the erased IC used, and possible solution to the common fault. thank you very much to those who will care to reply.

Relay Driver Control circuit

Relay Driver Control circuit using NE555, 741, 1N4001, SL100, D313, C106

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