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Circuit 2N2222

Circuit 2N2222 for Headphone amplifier This circuit can source about 500mA continuously, You built a 2 transistor project and it worked great, but now it has stopped working. You decide the transistor may be faulty.

power supply Circuit diagram

+15V -15V power supply Circuit diagram with ic 78xx and 79xx, 7815, 7915, BC549

2 x 200 Watt STEREO AMPLIFIER POWER Circuit Diagram

2 x 200 Watt STEREO AMPLIFIER POWER Circuit Diagram 2 x 200 Watt STEREO AMPLIFIER POWER Stage The TR is a high performance, integrated stereo digital amplifier power stage with an improved protection system. The TR is capable of driving a 6-?bridge-tied load (BTL) at up to 200 W per channel at THD=10%, low integrated […]

Modified Electronics circuit power supplay

Further adjustments include a rectified and filtered heater supply to the triodes eliminating AC hum coupled to the signal path via parasitic wiring capacitances. A power transformer with a 350V-0-350V secondary supply an increased voltage supply to the output section with is then stepped down to the 5F6-A’s voltage supplies to the phase splitter, cathode […]

how will i found circuit diagrams like inverter and cable TV coders circuit?

ike e asked: student in eletrical /electronics to inprove

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