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Schematic Diagram hp – MAX2338 Mixer IF SAW Filter Match at 183.6MHz for CDMA

The design and simulation of the impedance match between the MAX2338 mixer stage and a 183.6MHz SAW filter in a CDMA application. The SAW filter S-parameter is used to simulate the interface with the mixer. A worked example is provided with a SAWTEK 855893 SAW filter. An optimum impedance matching circuit between the MAX2338 mixer […]

Good Site to find Circuit Board Schematics or Pin-Out diagrams for IC chips?

Seraph asked: Is there a place on line where you can go to find circuit board schematics for things, like a database or something. There have been many times when I take apart something, like a TV for example, and cant find where the power inputs go to replace a pulled out wire. I know […]

Electronic circuit to fill the IC EEPROM MEMORY

Electronic circuit to fill the IC EEPROM MEMORY Based on its memory capacity is usually written with a number 24CXX, For XX is its capacity in Kbit. Example: 24C08 means its capacity 8 kilobits. In many stores that sell the number 24C01, 24C02, 24C04, 24C08, 24C16, 24c32 which sold in its data store is empty. […]

Make High Power LED Flasher

Make High Power LED Flasher using PMV65XP, ZXM61N02F, 3906, 3904 circuit

3000 watt circuit

3000 watt power amp circuit using BC546A, BC556A, BC550C, BF470, BC350C,BF469,2SK135, 2SJ50, 1N4148

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