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Circuit Diagram and Filter 1.3-5W Power RF Amplifier Trans FM

A amplifier of force RF for the FM , is always essential for the amateur that wants it strengthens some small transmitter, that likely already it has manufactured or has been supplied ready. The present circuit can give 50-60W RF force of expense, with control smaller than 15-20W in the region of frequencies of FM, […]

Make Schema PC via a USB connection to RS232 converter

USB to RS232 Converter Circuit Description For the complete equipment needed to make schema PC via a USB connection to RS232 converter We scan controller is an independent board that communicates with the PC via USB connection. This encourages galvos XY scanner and generate signals for data acquisition time. USB to RS232 converter board is […]

Voltage Reg

Voltage Reg Power Supplies Power Supply Circuit using 2N3055

Audio Amplifier Circuit using TDA7241

Audio Amplifier Circuit using TDA7241

circuit city price protection

circuit city price protection using L6203, TL5106-05

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