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Automotive 0v to 12v InPowered Indicator

Automotive 0v to 12v Electrical Voltage Indicator using 74HC04, 74HCT04

Simple Audio Circuit

Simple Audio Circuit using LM386

12 volt Battery Charger Circuit using LM301A and LM350

Battery Charger Circuit using LM301A, LM350

Sound Oscillator Circuit

Sound Oscillator Circuit for testing using BC559, BC549

Audio Amplifier Circuit using STK1039

Audio Amplifier Circuit using STK1039

Noise Reduction

Tips eliminate audio Noise. NOISE Reduction I will give the reader some tips on how to eliminate the noise in electronic circuits, why it happened, and how to read Noise Reduction specifications. Usually does not make sense to not know, so it was expected that this paper will help those who are trying to make […]

600W amplifying circuit

600W amplifying circuit using LM3886, ZTX450

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