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Power Amp 10.000w circuit diagram

Power Amp 10.000w circuit diagram Power Amp 10.000w circuit diagram using TR BC546, MJE350, MJE340, BD681, A968, A1494, C2344, C3858, +70 vOLT, 70V Output Power ……………. 10.000w Watt RMS into 4 ohms 8000 Watt RMS into 8 ohms Frequency Response ………. 7 Hz to 56KHz at+0dB -3dB Input Sensitivity ……….. 1,2 Volt RMS (for 300 […]

3000W Inverter

3000W Inverter Parts list: R1=10Mohms R2=100ohms R3=1.2Kohms R4=560Kohms R5-6=2.2Kohms R7-8=56 ohms 5W CX=22pF trimmed capacitor C1-2=22pF ceramic C3=8.2nF 100V MKT c4=10uF 16V C5=47uF 16V C6=470nF 400V D1=5V6 0.4W D2-3=47V 1W Q1-2=BS170 Q3-4=BD139 Q5-6=BD249 IC1=4060 IC2=4013 IC3=4047 CR1=3.2768 MHZ crystal T1=220Vac/2X10V 2X2.2A F1=5A Fuse F2=0.25A Fuse L1=1H smoothing choke 1. Advanced Energy Flow Management for lowest […]

Circuit control temperature fan ceiling

P1_____________22K R1_____________15K R2____________100K R3,R6__________10K R4,R5__________22K R7____________100R R8____________470R R9_____________33K C1_____________10nF D1________BZX79C18 D2_________TIC106D D3-D6_______1N4007 Q1,Q2________BC327 Q3___________BC337 SK1__________Female Mains socket PL1__________Male Mains plug & cable R3-R4 and P1-R1 are wired as a Wheatstone bridge in which R3-R4 generate a fixed two-thirds-supply “reference” voltage, P1-R1 generate a temperature-sensitive “variable” voltage, and Q1 is used as a bridge balance detector. […]

Microphone circuit

Microphone circuit

Stereo Preamplifier with Bass-boost circuit diagram with IC TL062

Stereo Preamplifier with Bass-boost circuit diagram Parts: P1 100K P2 10K R1,R2 15K 1/4W R3,R4,R11,R12_100K 1/4W R5,R6 22K 1/4W R7,R8 390K 1/4W R9,R10 560R 1/4W R13 220R 1/4W C1,C2 330nF 63V C3,C8 100uF 25V C4,C5 10pF 63V C6,C7 4u7 63V IC1 TL062

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