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FM Radio Receiver circuit diagram using TDA7021T

FM Radio Receiver circuit diagram using TDA7021T Parts List: R1 = 8kO2 R2 = 10kO R3 = 390O C1,C3 = 10nF C2,C6,C9,C16 = 100nF C4 = 33pF C5 = 25pF trimmer (Murata type TZB4Z250AB10R00) C7,C10 = 1nF5 C8 = 820pF C11 = 1nF C12 = 68pF C13 = 220pF C14 = 47µF 10V (Nichicon UWX1A470MCL1GB […]

Electronics Projects

Electronics Projects Electronics Circuit IC LM386 Alarm circuit Buzzer Ultrasonic Electronics Circuit Collection of LM386 Data sheet Home intercom Microphone circuit Walkie talkie Amplifier Circuit Board

battery charger schematic

Dry Cell battery charger schematic using LM741, 4011, BD139, BC548

Portable jammer

Portable jammer Portable jammer and signal removal for cell phone, WiFi, and GPS signals Portable jammer, signal removal Portable Signal Jammer circuit 20M Radius. High Power Signal Jammer Portable powerful and portable solution to completely block a nearby cell phone,  WiFi, and GPS signals. Can be used around the world. Strong and effective, this portable […]

Audio power indicator circuit

Audio power indicator circuit using LM3915 Vu led circuit with 9v LM3915

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