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Schematic diagram for a broadband QRP SWR metering circuit and SSB TRANSCEIVER 80M / 40M boster filter IF Radio

A schematic diagram for a broadband QRP SWR metering circuit for use in a QRP antenna tuner. One could simply hold a momentary DPDT switch down and watch the LED while tuning the capacitors of the antenna tuner for minimum or zero light.

Audio systems

7.5w Audio systems Circuit using AN7108 R1,4 …….. 330 ohm R2,5 …….. 5K6 R3,6 …….. 180K VR ………. 5K C1,3,5,7 …. 1nF C2,6 …….. 10uF/10V C4,8 …….. 22nF C9 ………. 100uF/10V C10,11,15 … 47uF/10V C16,17 …… 22nF IC1 ……… AN7108 7.5w Audio systems Circuit using AN7108

Midi Interface

Midi Interface audio circuit mixer

Where can I get TV circuit diagram to repair my own TV? Can’t seem to find it on the find on the web?

SukhdevS asked: The model is Sony Trinitron KVJ14P1S (14 inch). I stay in KL, Malaysia.

Variable PC power supply Circuits

Variable PC Power Supply Circuits variable variable Power Supply Circuits Many alternatives abound where a HeNe laser power supply must be constructed from scratch. Decisions must be made based on the size or range of sizes of the HeNe tube(s) to be powered, convenience, need for portability (well in a relative sort of way), availability […]

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