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Circuit diagram 75 Meter QRP SSB Transceiver

The 75 Meter QRP SSB Transceiver Theory of Operation 6-30-03 In general, the transceiver switches the 4-element 1500 ohm xtal BPF ends between the inputs and outputs of the two SA602s to reverse the signal flow for R/T operation. Since no IF amplifier is used in the design, 20 dB of additional receiver gain is […]

DC Voltage Regulate circuit BD242

DC Voltage Regulate circuit 12V 9V 5v 3v 13v 16v 20v 24v 30v using BD242

stk audio ic 60W

stk audio ic 60W 60W AF Amplifier With STK-0060II circuit diagram

Audio amp

Audio amp using BC556, BD830, BC548, BC556A, BDV67c, BDV66c

Noise Generator Circuit

Noise Generator Circuit diagram using TLC2272

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