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What is a PLC ?

Device that was invented to replace the necessary sequential relay circuits for machine control

Amplifier Circuit using STK1030

Amplifier Circuit using STK1030 30W Audio Amplifier Circuit using STK1030

3 way active crossover , 4 Way Crossover Schema

3 way active crossover , 4 Way Crossover Schema 4 way active crossover, Audio Trebel, Audio Midel, Audio Sub wofer, Audio Midel Bas    

3 way light switch wiring diagram

Switch Wiring Diagrams

what type amplifier should used to see clear picture?

Onkar asked: we have two TV sets in my home. The first one is connected to dish antenna via set-top box. second one is connected to same set-top box by coaxial cable & it is far from it. so clear picture is not receiving. please help or give the circuit diagram for the amplifier.

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