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Making 15W FM RF Amplifier using 2SC253

This is a FM RF amplifier which build based on RF Power Transistor 2SC2539. 2SC2539 is a silicon NPN epitaxial planar type transistor designed for RF power amplifiers in VHF band mobile radio applications. L1: 2T Coil diameter:4mm L2: in series 6pcs Toroidal ring L3: 4T Coil diameter:10mm L1: 3T Coil diameter:10mm

Pre-amp or Amplifier Project to Filter out any HUM at AUDIO CAR – mp3 – home studio

This page three adjustable notch filters configurations are shown . They can be used in your small pre-amp or amplifier project to filter out any HUM at 50 Hz ( European ) or 60Hz . By substituting the capacitors values in the bridge other frequencies can be used . All op-amps configuration requires a +/- […]

Continuity Tester Circuit Diagram

Continuity Tester Circuit Diagram using 2N3905, 2N3904, 1N4148

5 Channel Portable Audio Mixer

5 Channel Portable Audio Mixer Audio Mixer schema using c945  

Audio bluetooth stereo circuit using MAX98400A and MAX16910

Audio bluetooth stereo circuit using MAX98400A and MAX16910 Searches related to Audio bluetooth speaker, beats audio bluetooth speaker, bluetooth speaker reviews, portable bluetooth speaker, bluetooth speaker best, bluetooth car speaker, amazon bluetooth speaker, bluetooth speaker jawbone, bluetooth speaker iphone,

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