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Quality Inverter-Chargers

July 3, 2011 · Posted in Power supply · Comment 

Quality Inverter-Chargers Quality Inverter-Chargers using 2N2222, 74AUC1G14DBVR High Quality Inverter-Chargers High amp charger circuit diagram Inverter charger circuit diagram using 2N2222, 74AUC1G14DBVR


March 25, 2011 · Posted in Audio Video · Comment 

NOISE REDUCTION PROCESSOR circuit DOLBY B-TYPE NOISE REDUCTION PROCESSOR KA2271 DOLBY B-TYPE NOISE REDUCTION PROCESSOR KA2271 The KA2271 is a monolithic integrated circuit designed for use in Dolby* B-type reduction systems. FEATURES Few external components Low quiescent circuit current (Typ Iccq=4.3mA) High crosstalk rejection ratio. Built-in NR-switch, REC/PB-switch. Recommended supply voltage: Vcc=8V~16V.

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