tv circuit diagram
afterburner asked:

Tried to paste a circuit diagram into this problem, but no luck.

Believe the problem is in the power suppy.
Model: Hitachi CU 5002k 50″ 3 tube projection.
No picture, raster or sound.
I have no scope.
Have VTOM.
Output from the Sub Power Supply is, and should be, 122 VAC (Point AD).
Imput to the Power Deflection Circuit (AD) 122 VAC.
Then goes to a Diode/Capacitor Bridge Circuit and emerges at a fuse at 76 VDC. It then goes thru two capacitors to a test point (30) at 76 VDC. At test point 30 it should be 129 VDC.
None of the diodes are (temperture) hot or even warm.
I suspect all the parts in the circuit (except the fuse)
I don’t expect a definative answer, but would like your thinking on a solution to this problem (Where would you go first?)
Going to a TV repair shop with this older set (1992) is not an option..
My email address is available if you have questions
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