1.Surfaces to be coated must be thoroughly cleaned prior to coating to ensure adequate adhesion, minimized corrosion, and optimized electrical properties.PCB Solder Mask

2.If needed, apply Kapton tape to outline the area where the Pcb solder mask will be applied.

3.Mix the epoxy or replacement coating. If desired, add color agent to the mixed epoxy to match the circuit board color.

4.Apply the replacement coating to the board surface as required. A brush or foam swab may be used to apply and spread the epoxy or replacement coating.

5.Cure the epoxy per Procedure 2.7 Epoxy Mixing and Handling.PCB Solder Mask

solder mask has been developed to meet future requirements of solder mask clearances of 25 microns and below. It allows PCB manufacturers to produce fine pitch designs of lower than 0.4 mm on large production panel sizes.