Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Layout and Design

CADint PCB is currently recognized as one of the best layout and schematic tools currently available for Printed Circuit Board layout and schematic capture, delivering a suite of functionality that was only available with heavy-duty engineering work stations in the not too distant pass. CADint PCB allows “dimming” of various board layers while viewing them on the workstation monitor, rendering them opaque and resulting in the ability to view other layers unobstructed. CADint PCB CADint PCB allows 3-dimensional viewing of the circuit board. We can review the circuit board with your engineering team with all the components placed in real 3-D viewing before the drawings and drill tapes go to fabrication. Observing the results of ‘possible’ layout errors or issues, the appropriate component placement, the correct height and size (footprint) of the part, and the desired component version, can result in considerable cost savings to you. CADint PCB


The ability to make crucial corrections before the printed circuit boards are ‘fabbed’ can most likely save the design team weeks in ‘hunting

-down’ and finding the right component substitutions or replacements. At the minimum, we should be able to save the build at least a “pass” or two.

CADINT PCB is a full 32-bit design package that provides designers with a comprehensi

ve suite of the necessary tools to complete boards from concept to reality