Making inverter technology for Car

Inverter is a series of functions to change the dc voltage into ac voltage.inverter_car
One of the purposes inverter that is popular enough to raise the dc voltage of 12 to be 220 Vac. after the change in voltage from 12 Vdc into 12 Vac, and the increase in the voltage transformer using a 220 Vac.
following is a circuit of simple inverter. although quite simple, but this series is able to work well to change the dc voltage coming from the 12V battery into 220 Vac.
To get the voltage conversion can be better seen on the set of schemes below. Disipasi power in order to lower the series in the type of transistor used in fet.jika want more high-power enough to increase the amount of transistor fet installed.inverter_car

Conventional machines require different designs for single- or three-phase power and 50- or 60-Hz power, and they need to be relinked manually for different primary power voltages. However, because an inverter creates its own power, it can be plugged in almost anywhere.