This chapter is partly tutorial and partly technical, and additional references to document the background of digital electronics.
The information presented here should be considered optional, because it does not really need to know to build a robot. Hopefully though, this chapter will satisfy most readers’ curiosity about how the hardware works Lego Robot.
The Microprocessor and Memory At the most primitive level, a computer consists of a microprocessor, which executes instructions, and memory, to store instructions and other data.

When a memory location accessible to the first data cable wire acts as an address, then they function as cable transmission of data to receive bytes of data with very fast speed – 2 million times per second .

split-bus referred to as multiplexed address and data bus. Memory needs help to deal with a multiplexed address / data bus, provided by an 8-bit latch. This chip (the 74HC373) perform the functions attached to, or store, from 8 address values so that the memory will have a full 15-bit addresses are available for reading or writing data.

The whole process – the transmission of bits lower address, attached to these bits, and then read and write memory manage transactions governed by the microprocessor. then synchronize to ensure that this operation occurs in the correct sequence and in real time on the capacity of the hardware chip.