Fuse and Connector With Wire three of the most basic Components of an Automotive Electrical System but though they may seem simple,http://www.afiata.com/fuse-and-connector-with-wire/
Automotive electrical wire consists of an inner core of metal andd an outer sheath of plastic. The metal called the conductor carries electrical current from one point in your car to another. The plastic keeps the conductor from touching other metal parts and sending electricity some where that you don’t want it. The conductor can be either solid meaning that it is one round filament of metal or stranded meaning there are several filaments twisted together and Stranded wire is more flexible than solid wire and the more strands the higher the flexibility.http://www.afiata.com/fuse-and-connector-with-wire/

This is important in cars since the wires will be subjected to constant movement and vibration that could cause a solid wire to break. You will seldom find solid wire on an automobile.
Wire comes in sizes ranging from finer than a human hair to diameters measured in inches. Wire size is usually given in terms of wire gauge.

If you look at a typical piece of wire say from a house, you will find stamped on its insulation somewhere a series of numbers and letters that say for instance “14 AG”.
There are many different types of insulation available on wire also.

Each type is tailored to a certain set of operating conditions.

Fuses are called electricity’s safety valve. They are designed to interrupt the flow of electricity when some condition occurs that would cause an excessive amount of electricity to flow.

Their primary function is to prevent fire but they also protect sensitive electrical equipment. There are three or four different types of fuses that you might see in an automobile but they all operate in the same way.http://www.afiata.com/fuse-and-connector-with-wire/
Connectors aree designed to connect one or more wires together and protect the connection points from water, salt, dirt and chemicals that can cause corrosion or otherwise destroy the connection.