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heavenseyes98 asked:

Friends RCA Tv Problem…?
Ok, first of all I’m a huge tinker person. So far everything big or small appliances (mostly computers, microwaves, washers, dryers) that quit working, I tinker with and I get them running again. I’ve only tried fixing one TV but it had something wrong with the diode and I thought that was out of my knowledge range to mess with. I also didn’t have an electric meter and didn’t want to get shocked messing around.
So anyway my friend has a 1994 RCA-Model number F27731Bk, Serial # 448457510T and SMF-5A125V. One week ago it just quit working on her. I finally made it over there to look at it, cause my first thought was to check the fuse. The fuse wasn’t blow but could it still have went bad? I’ve never heard of this thats why I’m asking. Also, what about a reset button and is that located on the circuit breaker? I’m also wondering if she has a bad cord. Her cord is a removable one. Can the cords go bad? The Tv does nothing. No beeps,chips, talk backs, nothing, lol. I really would like to put in a new fuse and check the reset button or circuit breaker. I’ve checked out but can’t find the manual to be able to find the location of all this or a diagram. Can anyone help me? This will be as far as I go to check on this Tv. If none of this fixes it then I don’t think I will tinker any farther. If anyone has any idea’s then please advice. They can’t afford a new Tv, so I’m just trying to help. So anyway, yes the TV is old but still I wanted to tinker and see what I may be able to do. Thanks everyone in advance. Appreciate all answers that are not rude.