Basic Electrical Engineering Diagram Equipments

You can drag the build-in basic electrical engineering diagram connect them easily.

Drag electrical component shapes onto the drawing page. Shapes can have data. You can enter shape data and add new data to a shape.Electrical Engineering Diagram Equipments

This is a very simple yet effective circuit in which the equipments connected at the so called trailing sockets will run only if the equipment connected at the control socket is switched on.

When the load connected at the control circuit is switched on, the load current flow through the diodes and as a result there will a voltage drop across the diodes. This voltage drop is sufficient enough to switch on the sensitive and the equipments connected at the trailing sockets gets power supply.

Almost all equipments like motors, drills, blenders, fan, old TV, radio, amplifiers etc can be connected at the control socket. In case of modern TV, computers, amplifiers, etc the power switch does not completely isolate the equipment and the equipment will draw a small amount of current in the standby mode which is sufficient enough to trigger the triac .Electrical Engineering Diagram Equipments Such equipments cannot be used on the control socket because it makes the trailing equipments ON even if the control equipment is OFF.