Circuit can be used for multiple cameras with one monitor. The circuit can be operated manually or automatically.

When operated automatically the switch will be connected to the output of 555 astable multivibrator that will send a continous square wave in the 4017 counter. When counter is running, the 5 transistor will switch one by one. For example; when Q1 is turned on the relay connected to Q1 will energized which will connect Out1 (Camera1) with the input (Monitor). If Q2 is turned on, Out2 (Camera2) will connect to input.

For manual operation; each time the SW2 is push, transition will occur(Logic 0 to logic 1). That transition will change the output of the counter. Every time the SW2 is push, the counter output will change. LED’s are indicator to monitor which camera is connected. Pot1 is the adjustment for switching speed for the camera.camera_live_tube8