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How to make a simple touch switch circuit

How to make a simple touch switch circuit ? Simple touch switch circuit using transistor : C945

Touch Switch Circuit using 4011

Touch Switch Circuit Touch Switch Circuit using 4011 CMOS C1         1          10uF 16V     Electrolytic Capacitor R1, R2     2          100K 1/4 Watt Resistor R3         1          10 Meg 1/4 Watt Resistor U1         1          4011 CMOS NAND Gate IC  

i want samsung tv circuit diagram?

Uzi asked: i have SAMSUNG TV model is CDS-8000P imported from korea. now the problem is its flyback is burned. the tv repair guy cant find its circuit diagram or user manual so that he can find the number for that part and replace it. i have searched for it my self but coudlnt find. […]

Electronic Switching Circuit

Electronic Switching Circuit using SL100, BC108

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