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FM Stereo Encoder

FM Stereo Encoder for FM Transmitters

MG POWER 805 Circuit

MG POWER 805 Circuit using 1N4004, M8352, 5408

60W Audio AMPLIFIER SUPER Circuit using STK4392

60W Audio Amplifier Circuit using STK4392

Audio power amplifier circuit

  Audio power amplifier circuit 140W Audio power amplifier circuit using 2N3569, 2N3055, MPS6533, 2N4355 140 W Audio power amplifier circuit How to Select the Best Audio Amplifier for Your Design What is a Class D audio amplifier? What is a Class C amplifier? How does an audio amplifier circuit work? How does a Class […]

Cell Phone / mobile phones Detector circuit using CA3130, NE555, BC548

Cell Phone Detector circuit using CA3130, NE555, BC548 This detector functions let you know that nearby there are phones that activated from a distance of five feet. So that can be used to prevent the use of mobile phones in the exam room, secret room, a place of worship, etc. It is also useful to […]

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