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Archives for stereo decoder

FM Stereo Encoder

FM Stereo Encoder for FM Transmitters

Audio Generator

Audio Generator using Transistor NPN

Circuits OP Amp

Circuits OP Amp Op amp Interface using RC4558P Op amp Interface using RC4558P Dual High-Gain Operational Amplifier using RC4558P Features Supply voltage 22V for RM4558 and 18V for RC/RV4558 No latch-up Large common-mode and differential voltage ranges Low power. Parameter tracking over temperature range Gain and phase match between amplifiers The RC4558 integrated circuit is […]

STK 100W Audio Amplifier Circuit

100W Audio Amplifier Circuit using STK0100, 2SA984, D5442, 2SC2912, 2SC2274, 2SA608

Nikon gps circuit

Nikon gps circuit Nikon gps circuit There are also versions elsewhere on the internet that utilise bluetooth serial modules to allow the GPS to remain in a backpack completely out of the way – either more expense or more complicated DIY though I’d have thought. Looking at the wealth of similar projects on the net […]

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