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Simple Shunt Reg Circuit

Simple Shunt Reg Circuit

circuit 12V to 6V

voltage regulator circuit 12V to 6V using LM371, 1N4004

How to make SWR measuring Transmitter output Power

How to make SWR measuring Transmitter output Power? SWR is not difficult to make, although the circuit is very simple SWR SWR but it has the function of the transmitter output power measured with any accuracy, and how to add components to SWR SWR-PWR schema. If you change the resistor values increase the componint that […]

TV Circuit board diagram?

sanje1974 asked: How can i locate LG-21FA20 tv curcit board diagram

Solid state Charger circuit

Solid state Charger circuit Charge Coupled Mosfet Relay using 74C14, IRF640

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