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Simple Audio Indicator TAA300

Simple Audio Indicator TAA300 very simple audio oscillator electronic project can be designed using IC TAA300 This circuit is intended to indicate the power output level of any audio amplifier. Simple circuit to power your 9 vol

Rimu PCB 1.07 PCB Designer

Rimu PCB 1.07 PCB Designer is a cost effective, easy to use electronic printed circuit board PCB layout application. Download:

Tone Control circuit diagrams using IC TL082

Tone Control circuit diagrams and using IC TL082 I’d like to ask for some good schematic for active tone control, for treble and bass (cca+-20dB) with loudness compensation, I have saw several designs, but all of these designs uses elements that I want to avoid.

Remote Controller circuit using TX-2B, RX-2B

Remote Controller circuit With Five Functions using TX-2B, RX-2B Remote Controller circuit With Five Functions using TX-2B, RX-2B Remote Controller With Five Functions using TX-2B,RX-2B DESCRIPTION The TX-2B RX-2B is a pair of CMOS LSIs designed for remote controlled car applications. The TX-2B RX-2B has five control keys for controlling the motions (i.e. forward, backward, […]

Tips 1996 Volvo 850 Wiring Diagrams

The tips following wiring diagrams apply for 1996 Volvo 850 series. Herein you will find detail specification, description and illustration of Volvo 859 Central electrical unit (includes fuses, relays, and connection on rails), ignition switch, cable harness and connectors, routing of cable harness in the car, branching points, electrical distribution unit, and ground points. Here […]

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