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Amplifier AutoScout24 Power ON

Amplifier Auto Power ON Signal detecting auto power-on unit, audio signal controlled relay switch module, amplifier auto power on, audio sensing power switch, audio detector switch, audio signal detector circuit, line level audio detection circuit, audio triggered power switch part : BC547 , BC557, LM358, Relay

Making RF Switching for terror

When switching an antenna between a transmitter and receiver, the 1N914 or 1N4148 can still be used, but with decreasing success as the frequency rises. It is common practice in VHF transcievers to use a PN junction diode, but with a lightly doped “Intrinsic” region between the P and N layers. The diode is called […]

PreAmplifier circuit diagram using BC546, BC556

PreAmplifier circuit diagram using BC546, BC556 Preamplifier parts: P1 10K Linear Potentiometer P2 10K Log. Potentiometer R1,R2 68K 1/4W R3 680K 1/4W R4 220K 1/4W R5 33K 1/4W R6 2K2 1/4W R7 5K6 1/4W R8,R18 330R 1/4W R9 47K 1/4W R10 18K 1/4W R11 4K7 1/4W R12 1K 1/4W R13 1K5 1/4W R14,R15,R16 100K 1/4W […]

Headphone audio circuit using TL072

Headphone audio circuit using TL072 Headphone Amplifier Circuit using Op-Amp circuit using TL072

Wifi Sniffer circuit

simple Wifi Sniffer circuit using 1N3491, BFS17

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