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Inverter circuit using CD4047

Inverter circuit using CD4047 12V DC to 220V 100W Inverter

Simple Spring Reverb circuit

Simple Spring Reverb circuit using NE5532

Remote Control Transmitter circuit

Infrared Remote Control Transmitter circuit using LC7461M IC Infrared Remote Control Transmitter IC using LC7461M Functions 32 3 functions keys 13-bit custom codes Operating supply voltage range Vdd=1.8 to 3.6V Supply current at the standby mode Idd=1uA or less Double-press operation keys (no priority given) On-chip oscillator (ceramic resonator : connected externally) Features The custom […]

Fire Alarm circuit diagram for home security

Fire Alarm circuit diagram for home security Equipment designed to detect changes associated with fire, monitor the integrity of their operations and provide automatic control, the transmission of information necessary to prepare the facility for fire, temperature, light based on a predetermined sequence. The panel also supply electrical energy to operate the associated sensors, controls, […]

circuit components

circuit components circuit components using KA2209 circuit components circuit components

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